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'We at Real People Ltd, believe in the 'Duty of candour'. Therefore testimonials are an important feature on our website, it reflects how others feel about our service and the impact it has on them'.

Billie Mulreany and Nick Medlock

I would like to thank Real people for the exemplary way they look after my daughter. The staff are professional, friendly and caring. In particular I would like to thank Billie and her son Nick for running such a first class company who looks after some of the most vulnerable people in our society. They have treated my daughter fairly, firmly and with compassion. They are more like family and are very approachable if I have any concerns. Thank you. X

Claire Wallis, Real People Ltd

'I can't live without Real People. The company is exceptional, they look after my daughter like she is their own. Billie is a star, I can't thank you all enough'.

Peter Garland, Parent

' I think they are all brilliant, they are like my other family'.

Sarah Louise smith, Service user

'Everyone is always good with our daughter, caring, considerate. We are very happy with the care and service provided'.

Jane and Graham Smith, Parents

'I'm very happy, Real People Ltd are a hard working company, very caring, we all look after each other, we do different activities, fantastic group holidays and I absolutely love the team'.

Chris Lewzey, Service user

'I love my job, it's very rewarding, we are one big family. Great management and great people'.

Morena Everson, Employee

Every day I feel grateful to work alongside such amazing people. I am proud of my role within Real People Ltd and have built amazing friendships with those I work alongside and support. Each day is approached with enthusiasm and passion for what I do. I aspire to ensure those that we support have the happiest, most fulfilled lives possible. When I first started this job, I never realised I would be gaining a huge extended family!

Hannah Leek, Employee

When looking for the right support workers for my sibling, it was important to me that the company was professional, the staff competent, but that the support was delivered with compassion and understanding. I am so grateful for having been able to find all of this within Real People, plus more. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for their expertise and knowledge, helping me to navigate incredibly difficult situations from losing a parent, to navigating how to make claims for benefits. Their staff are varied and therefore there are endless opportunities for my sibling to connect with people on different levels, covering all the diverse aspects of their life. My sibling has grown and developed as a person under their guidance. They are no longer withdrawn, but are now empowered to socialise with others on a regular basis, has attempted things they would never have tried before, and has gained new life skills, such as learning to cook and manage a small budget. Not only do the staff at Real People carry out their duty of care, but their incredible attention to detail means that it is done with warmth, empathy and on an incredibly personalised level, so that my sibling is not just another vulnerable person, but instead is seen for the individual that they are. They consistently go above and beyond, giving me the peace of mind that my family is in the safest of hands. I cannot recommend Real People highly enough.

Sarah Visser, Sister

'I have worked in many sectors but I can honestly say, that this is the most rewarding and fulfilling job that I have ever had'. The interactions that I have with the individual's that I support along with the forward thinking company's vision make me feel happy and privileged to be part of everyone's lives'.

Simon whitewood, Employee