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Quality Service

Real People Ltd is a bespoke service for adults with Learning Disabilities who provides and promotes person centred care and ensures that every thought and action is focused on the individual's wants and needs. The ethos of the Family run organisation is to remove the barrier and stigma of 'Care' and make the support provided be as natural and as real as is possible and safe.

Our staff are given regular training to ensure that they have got the necessary skill set to provide good quality support and care. We understand the importance of structure but we promote that every individual service works as a needs led provision. This means, we cater for the individuals to achieve, gain confidence, become more independent and feel self-worth.

All Senior staff work shifts in the homes, we strongly believe it minimises the divide between Management and staff and also maintains the easy approachable relationship's the teams have with each other and with the people and the families that we support.

We are extremely confident that we are one of the best service provisions in our sector, we have a history of rebuilding, changing and improving people's lives to fulfil their chosen destiny.

Our logo ' In safe hands', means what it says. Anyone who is connected to Real People Ltd, never feels that they are alone.