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Community Respite

This is a service that we provide to those that are already under our support.

Many people have said that they would like their community respite to be flexible whether it's choice of accommodation, place or time. We can meet all needs. We support day or night and if it's going to that late night concert or to the party that you want to stay at until everyone else is going home, we can provide the appropriate support. The coach trip that you want to go on is starting out early and coming back in the middle of the night, will not be a problem anymore.

Respite should be an enjoyable time as well as an opening to new opportunities. We can support for long periods of time or short. We can stay in the family home while others go away so you don't have to stop the things you usually do or spend time in a hotel, tent, caravan, etc. You choose where you want to stay and we can support you there.

There are times when you may not want to go to a wedding or a funeral but have other ideas instead, that's alright because you can have our support on those occasions.

Respite is additional hours on top of your regular support and this can mean that you may choose to add a few hours onto your week during special times of the year or use your respite hours in a block as a holiday. It's your time, your choice.

Community Presence, Inclusion & Acceptance

We support people to access their local communities and become recognised individuals in a person centred and dignified way. This will involve social interaction with others and the encouragement of appropriate relationships.

Community Presence
We encourage those that we support to access resources that meet their individual needs and can enhance the quality of their own lives. Everything has a ripple effect, with familiarity - comes confidence, with repetition - independency and skills, with using appropriate facilities - ensures appropriate needs are met and so on.

Being included is an important part of a persons life, it minimises the risk of being isolated, given equal opportunity to being included and not dismissed or separated from others. Communication skills excel as the conversation between others grow and new thoughts are processed by learning how and what others do.

This is a part of us that believes that acceptance is what we all need to feel empowered and valued as an individual. It is saying that wherever we are and whatever we are doing, 'It is ok', because we are accepted for our own choices and decisions.