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Transition Period

We understand that the Transition period is a very difficult and an important time in the lives of an individual and their loved ones. There are lots of changes, leaving school, not seeing your school friends every day, leaving your teachers and all the things you have got used to. You move from what was the safe haven of the 'Children's sector' to unknown territory. There is a lot of responsibility and decision making with people you have never met and trusted before which can cause lots of worry and anxiety. We can help to make transition, interesting, exciting and something to look forward to.

The adult sector offers many opportunities like making new friends, trying out new activities, going to new places, learning new skills and many more things. We can support you through this time and help you with planning to find the right opportunities to suit your needs with a respectful and sensitive approach.

We make the time for you to talk to us about your thoughts and anxieties and support you to plan a future. Together we can devise a care plan that can be adapted to meet the needs of the individual and will be ongoing throughout an individual's life, to ensure that any changes required are implemented to enhance the wellbeing and health and safety of the person involved.