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Short Breaks

We all have loved ones and want to be there for them as much as is possible but we appreciate that it can be exhausting to care for somebody 24/7, and that it can be equally hard to hand over the care of that person to others. Guilt is often a feeling that prevents us making decisions for ourselves, to get the right balance, we need to trust others to help us. We are all aware that Love cannot be manufactured but we can assure you that we can provide good quality care.

We offer community respite that is planned to meet individual needs, whether it is an over night stay in there own home environment so that families can get a break away, or planned 1:1 or group holidays in the UK and abroad several times a year. This promotes independence, choice and new opportunities, encourages appropriate friendships and enhancers social and life skills.

We are well known for our efforts and success in making all our social events as adventurous and exciting as is possible. Our regular phrases used by our team is .... let's go somewhere you've never been......let's do something you've never done. We promote the 'Wow' factor in everything we do but the respite times, put the sparkle in all our lives.